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25 Year Anniversary of EMBL Heidelberg (2003)

Documents relating to the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the EMBL Heidelberg campus that took place at Stadthalle Heidelberg on 28 June 2003.

Course and Conference Office

2D-Page and Mass Spectrometry (2000)

Documents relating to the Joint FEBS-EMBO Practical Course 2D and Mass Spectrometry in Cell Biology that took place in Aarhus (DK) 2000-07-24 to 2000-07-29 and then at EMBL Heidelberg 2000-07-30 to 2000-08-06. Organisers: Julio E. Celis and Matthias Wilm.

Course and Conference Office

Advanced Genome Engineering (2000)

Documents relating to the EMBO Course Advanced Genome Engineering that took place at EMBL Heidelberg 2000-04-25 to 2000-05-02. Organisers: Ronnie Chalmers, Maggie Smith, A. Francis Stewart and Youming Zhang.

Course and Conference Office

Advertising material (2000 to 2007)

Documents relating to the advertising of EMBL training events with publishers and online between 2000 and 2007.

Course and Conference Office

Animal Models (2005)

Documents relating to the 1st EMBL-Monterotondo (6th EMBL) international PhD Symposium Animal Models: Tips and Tricks from Nature that took place at EMBL Monterotondo 2005-05-12 to 2005-05-14. Organisers: Sylvia Badurek, Sylvia Cursi, Rossana de Lorenzi, Daniela de Zios, Maria Ermolaeva, Tiago Alves Ferreira, Friederike Jonsson, Giorgio La Corte, Luisa Lo Iacono, Marzia Massimi, Olivier Mirabeau, Thomas Perersen, Daniela Ruffell, Denise Sofia, Nadine Winn and Andreas Zanzoni.

Course and Conference Office

Automated Macromolecular Structure Solution (2002)

Documents relating to the EMBO Course Automated Macromolecular Structure Solution that took place at EMBL Heidelberg 2002-05-09 to 2002-05-16. Organisers: Elena Conti and Klaus Scheffzek.

Course and Conference Office

Biological Oscillators (2018)

Abstract book of the EMBO/EMBL Symposium Biological Oscillators: Design, Mechanism, Function, held at EMBL Heidelberg from 2018-06-03 to 2018-06-05. Organisers: Alexander Aulehla, Leon Glass, Hanspeter Herzel, Ueli Schibler, and Christina Dollt.

Course and Conference Office

BioMalPar PhD Programme Core Course (2005)

Documents relating to the first BioMalPar PhD Programme Core Course that took place at EMBL Heidelberg 2005-02-21 to 2005-03-11. Organiser: Miriam Griesheimer.

Course and Conference Office

Biomolecular Simulation (2000)

Documents relating to the EMBO Course Biomolecular Simulation that took place at EMBL Heidelberg 2000-07-05 and 2000-07-13.

Course and Conference Office

Boundaries in Development (2003)

Documents relating to the EMBO Workshop Boundaries in Development: 30 Years of Progress that took place at EMBL Heidelberg 2003-06-14 to 2003-06-17. Organisers: Stephen Cohen, Juan Modolell and David Wilkinson.

Course and Conference Office

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