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EMBL &cetera (February 2000)

Page 1:

  • EMBL Council passes resolutions on important ILO, EBI issues (see Page 2)
  • Alumni feature... where's Patricia Kahn?: (see Page 4)
  • From the sister sciences... Uncertainty & optics (see Page 6)
  • Research Reports on CD-ROM: Annual EMBL Research Reports will be distributed in CD-ROM instead of a book
  • Photographs: Patricia Kahn and EMBL CD-ROM

Pages 2 and 3:

  • EMBL Council responds to ILO ruling, addresses staff and EU financial issues: Latest ILO News, The ILO case, From the Staff Association: What is happening with the ILO case, cuts in EU funds for EBI, Staff regulations, and an appeal for support for the EBI

Pages 4 and 5:

  • Alumni feature. A talk with Patricia Kahn: By that time, she was Associate Editor of the "IAVI Report", a publication of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. Before that, she worked at EMBL as a staff scientist, joined the EMBL Data Library and played a major role in establishing SWISS-PROT within EMBL. Later she worked as a European correspondent to SCIENCE magazine. Interview by Russ Hodge.
  • Photographs: Patricia Kahn

Page 6:

  • From the sister sciences... Heisenberg's microscope: Scientist at EMBL Heidelberg (Ernst Stelzer and Stefan Grill) have made improvements in resolution of confocal light microscopy by linking Ernst Abbe work with uncertainty principle of Heisenberg.
  • Pictures (provided "AlP Emilio Segre Visual Archives"): Werner Heisenberg and Ernst Abbe

Page 7:

  • The EMBO corner.: The growth of EMBO has had negative impact on parking facilities. List of EMBO new activities. Role of EMBO in publishing.
  • Science& society: EMBL has organized a panel discussion for February 10th, 2000 to talk about peer review. Written by Halldór Stefánsson.
  • Administrative announcement: EMBL has a new employee physician. They will work closely with EMBL's Safety Officer and Management.

Page 8:

  • EMBL gears up to handle heavier conference and course schedule: New events and initiatives are growing at EMBL. Everything is detailed in the Conference and Course website.
  • EMBL Kinderhaus: photographs of the Kinderhaus inauguration.

Page 9:

  • Alumni @ EMBL: During 1999 Alumni Meeting, participants decided to found a formal EMBL Alumni Association.
  • Photographs: Klaus Ungelbach and Jean Gruenberg, the Rice family, Matthias Lübben and Dietrich Suck, and Directors General: present and past

Page 10:

  • People @ EMBL: New people at EMBL and new Group leaders
    Awards, Honors & Etcetera: Frank Gannon was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Szeged in Hungary, Matthias Hentze was awarded a Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize for 2000, Matthias Wilm won a "BioFuture" prize from the German Research Ministry, Peter Gruss was awarded the German President's "Zukunftspreis" for 1999 and Mare Kriis reitres from EMBO after 25 years.
  • False Positives: winners of Medline competition.

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

EMBL &cetera (September 2000)

Page 1:

  • Developing a new dialogue: EMBL/EMBO sponsor major Conference on Science and Society (see Page 2)
  • EMBL's Scientific Programme 2001-2005 presented to Council (see Page 4)
  • from genes to thoughts (see Page 16)
  • Philippe Busquin (see Page 12)
  • Picture of Philippe Busquin

Pages 2-3:

  • Science & society: Developing a new dialogue: EMBL and EMBO have organized a conference for November 19-12, 2000 to talk about the urgent need to improve the communication between science and society. The conference included biologists, educators, science communicators, and government representatives.
  • Picture of Julian Kinderlerer and Jens Reich.

Pages 3:

  • Science Citation Index available on a trial basis: announcement that EMBL is offering this service.

Page 4-11:

  • Planning EMBL’s future: final proposal of Scientific Programme and Indicative Scheme for 2001-2005 presented to Council. Additionally they will arise ILO cases, Pension scheme and Salary Adjustments.

Pages 12-15:

  • A European research identity: Interview by Russ Hodge of Philippe Busquin who was Commissioner for Research of the European Commission.
  • Pictures of Philippe Busquin

Pages 15:

  • The EMBL Annual Report and Research Reports for 1999: Announcement that it is available upon demand.

Page 16:

  • From genes to thoughts: Interview by Katrin Weigmann to EMBL PhD students who organized a neurobiology conference. These are Michi Hannus, Freddy Frischknecht, Giuseppe Testa and Valentina Greco. Photograph of organizers.

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

EMBL &cetera (October 2000)

Page 1:

  • EMBL establishes technology transfer company (see Page 2)
  • EMBL’s alumni get the stamp of approval (see Page 6)
  • Wellcome Trust announces major support for Ensembl (see Page 8)
  • Drawing through a child’s eyes... (see Page 10)
  • Announcement for Molecular medicine mini-symposium on Pathogen-Host Interactions in Heidelberg, Oct. 30-31

Pages 2-4:

  • A vision for technology transfer at the EMBL. Status and preliminary proposals to Council regarding technology transfer at EMBL. Written by Fotis C. Kafatos

Pages 3:

  • Response letter from Chair and Vice-Chair of the EMBLEM Supervisory Board. By that time, Max Herzberg and David Owen

Pages 5-7:

  • Integrating the cultures of basic research and technology transfer. An interview with Fotis C. Kafatos. Interview by Russ Hodge

Page 6:

  • Angus Lamond takes the reins of EMBL’s new Alumni Association. Picture of Angus Lamond. Written by Russ Hodge

Page 7:

  • EMBL staff and alumni help launch a new organization. This organization is European Life Scientists Organization (ELSO). ELSO plans future meetings and hopes to provide a forum that can lobby national governments and the European Parliament in support of the life sciences. Picture of Kai Simons

Page 8:

  • An announcement Wellcome to the EBI. Written by Katrin Weigmann
  • Speeding up protein purification and expression. Pictures of Matti Saraste and Arie Geerlof. Written by Russ Hodge

Page 9:

  • The EMBO corner
  • Asserting a new style – from the editors of the EMBO Reports. Pictures of Holger Breithaput, Chris Blaumüller and Marlies Otter-Nilsson

Page 10-11:

  • From the sister sciences… Drawing with a child’s eye. Artwork by EMBL kids. Written by Russ Hodge

Page 12:

  • Conference watch. 4th EMBL Transcription Meeting, Heidelberg, August 26-30, 2000. Co-organized by Henk Stunnenberg (Nijmegen University), Francis Stewart (EMBL), Achim Leutz (MDC, Berlin) and Laszlo Tora (IGBMC, Illkirch). Only 300 scientists were selected to attend, mainly young and European scientists. Written by Lena Reunis
  • oligo... going... gone. EMBL’s oligonucleotide synthesis service has closed because most oligos needed at EMBL could be bought at competitive prices from outside sources. Written by Sarah Sherwood
  • today @embl. Site containing a complete overview of what’s going on within the Laboratory such as seminars, courses, and workshops, and it was also a place to register social events and make important announcements

Pages 13:

  • Peter Wenzel-Constabel sets his sights on Bonn. By that time he was the Head of Human Resources. Pictures of Peter Wenzel-Constabel and Steve Ferris. Written by Sarah Sherwood
  • Administrative announcement: Intermedex will administer the Health Scheme for another year

Pages 14:

  • People @ EMBL: New people at EMBL and new Group leaders
  • Awards, Honors & Etcetera: Elisa Izaurralde was awarded by ELSO the first "Early Career Award" for young senior scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the life sciences. Regina Neubecker was awarded the “Otto-Haxel-Preis für eine herausragende Diplomarbeit” from the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg
  • False Positives: winners of Medline competition

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

EMBL &cetera (December 2000)

Page 1:

  • November Council meeting brings welcome news (see Page 2)
  • When Science meets Society (see Page 8)
  • On the counting of ballots and other things (see Page 6)
  • EMBLEM on the move (see Page 3)

Page 2:

  • Council gives EMBL the green light for the five-year Scientific Programme and stepping up Technology Transfer. Written by Sarah Sherwood

Page 3:

  • Setting up the biotechnology shop at EMBL. By that time, Gabor Lamm was the Managing Director of EMBLEM GmbH (before PhD student in Angus Lamond’s group). Provides contact details. Picture of Gabor Lamm. Interview by Sarah Sherwood

Pages 4-5:

  • An open letter to the bioinformatics community. Letter written by Dr. Sean Eddy, Dr. Ewan Birney about the data access agreement between Science and Celera for the Celera human genome sequence paper and its justification. By that time, Dr Sean Eddy was Alvin Goldfarb Professor of Computational Biology at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Washington University in St. Louis, USA) and Dr Ewan Birney was Team Leader at Genomic Annotation European Bioinformatics Institute, UK

Page 6-7:

  • From the sister sciences: Observations on the counting of ballots and other things. Written by Russ Hodge.

Page 7:

  • The EMBO corner. Written by Frank Gannon
  • Announcement of Molecular medicine minisymposium about “Structural and Bioinformatic Approaches to Disease” organized by Christoph W. Müller, Stephen Cusack,Matthias Wilmanns, and Peer Bork. Taking place on EMBL Heidelberg, March 19-21, 2001.

Page 8-9:

  • Paving the way for a new dialogue between science and society. Pictures of Lewis Wolpert and Sheila Jasanoff; Maynard Olson and Beate Weber; and Alastair Kent. Written by Russ Hodge.
  • Yes Virginia...there is a Αγιοσ ςασιλισ Written by Sarah Sherwood

Page 10:

  • From Genes to Thoughts. Report on First European PhD student Symposium on Neurobiology. Incliudes pictures of the event. Written by Giuseppe Testa

Page 11:

  • Who killed Nosey Parker? Report of high school students visited EMBL. Different activities were organize to get them involved in real experiments. Written by Katrin Weigmann
  • Putting E-BioSci on the virtual map.

Page 12:

  • People @ EMBL – New people at EMBL and new Group leaders
  • Awards, Honors & Etcetera: Martina Muckenthaler was awarded the Fondsbroker AG Heidelberg Förderpreis for her contributions to the understanding of the regulation of iron metabolism in cell. EMBL alumnus Ed Hurt, by that time at the Biochemistry Center at the University of Heidelberg, was awarded the Deutsche Forschungs Gemeinschaft’s (DFG) Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize.
  • False Positives: winners of Medline competition.

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

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