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EMBL &cetera (October 1999)
DE 2324 C-PUBS-E-2 · Item · 1999
Part of EMBL Institutional Publications

Page 1:

  • A new look and feel for EMBL’s official WWW pages (see Page 2)
  • It was a (very short) dark and stormy night... (see Page 8)
  • A talk with Harold Varmus (see Page 4)
  • Alumni meeting update: New advertisement for the alumni meeting taking place on October 21-23, 1999 in Heidelberg.
  • Photographs: Image of the solar eclipse and picture of Harold Varmus

Page 2:

  • A much-needed overhaul of EMBL’s website: Feedback from inside EMBL is requested to launch afterwards the official website for external users.
  • Image: Aspect of new EMBL website

Page 3:

  • FAQs fearfully anticipated questions: questions that may arise regarding the new developed EMBL website.
  • EBI Hinxton – the BioInformer: Publicity about this website that keeps up-to-date on what is happening in EBI outstation.
  • Image: BioInformer home page.

Pages 4 and 5:

  • A talk with Harold Varmus: Interview by Russ Hodge of Varmus which was was the Director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • Photographs of Harold Varmus

Page 6:

  • Hamburg Outstation. Future structural biology with a Free Electron Laser: Announcement of a new linear collider called TESLA with a projected centre-of-mass energy of 500 GeV. It would complement DESY’s particle storage ring facilities. X-FEL facility is also planned. Written by Matthias Wilmanns (EMBL Hamburg Outstation).
  • Kids @ EMBL: A second-grade class of the Gaiberg elementary school visits EMBL Heidelberg.
  • Photographs: Kids at EMBL and artwork by the kids (also on Page 7.)

Page 7:

  • The EMBO corner: EMBO offers short-term and long-term fellowships. The article is an explanation of the application and evaluation processes. Written by Frank Gannon, Executive Director of EMBO.

Page 8:

  • From the sister sciences... – When small things pass in front of the sun: Article about the 1760 transit of Venus.
  • cooey! anyone out there?: EMBL was contributing to a USA initiative to search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. Written by Freddy Frischknecht & Sarah Sherwood.
  • Photograph: Image of the solar eclipse

Page 9:

  • Science & society: EMBL has organized a panel discussion for Monday 4 October to talk about the expansion of the application of intellectual property rights (IPR) and their protection in patents.
  • Administrative announcement – unresolved legal dispute to oblige the registration of all EMBL personnel in the German Central Government
  • People @ EMBL – New people at EMBL and new Group leaders

Page 10

  • Announcements: Safety Office now on the intranet, late or weekend work and the new library newsletter called “Simply Szilárd”
  • Blunt ends & fill-ins: EBI has decided to launch a new database in which protein structures will be represented by various shapes and sizes of noodles.
  • Space links: links related to articles in Page 8.
  • False Positives: Winners of Medline competition.
  • ...but are you ready for Y10K?: Dates in the SWISS-PROT, PROSITE and SWISS-2DPAGE databases are stored as ASCII text strings using four digits and there should be no problem until December 31, 9999.

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

EMBL &cetera (March 2001)
DE 2324 C-PUBS-E-7 · Item · 2001
Part of EMBL Institutional Publications

Page 1:

  • Exodus. Groups of Kai Simons, Tony Hyman, Marino Zerial and Carlos Dotti left EMBL in the beginning of 2001. This issue includes several pictures of farewell party. (see Page 2-3)
  • Science and Society at the EBI (see Page 4)
  • An A above middle C (see Page 10)
  • First EMBL PhD (see Page 7)
  • A new voice for the life sciences (see Page 8)

Page 4:

  • Addressing the ethical consequences of genome research. Picture of Alan Robinson and Halldór Stefánsson. Written by Sarah Sherwood
  • Lab coats and business suits. New start-up biotech companies based out of EMBL: CellZome, Gene Bridges, Electa, Anadys.
  • Announcement of welcome-session.

Page 5:

  • Taking the senior scientists’ show on the road. First of a series of senior scientist meetings to be held at the other EMBL sites. Written by Russ Hodge
  • Bridging the gap between molecules and diseases. Report on minisymposia on Molecular Medicine. entitled “Structural and Bioinformatic Approaches to Disease”

Page 6:

  • Consortium pledges to complete Anopheles genome sequence
  • Completing the genome(s): a revolution with subtle effects. Written by Peer Bork and Richard Copley

Page 7:

  • EMBL awards its first degree. It was obtained by Joep Muijrers Written by Sarah Sherwood and Katrin Weigmann

Page 8-9:

  • Introducing the ELSF: a voice for the Life Sciences in Europe. Interview to Luc Van Dyck (by that time, ELSF Manager) by Russ Hodge. Includes pictures.

Page 10:

  • From the sister sciences. Perfect pitch: use it or lose it. Written by Lena Reunis

Page 11:

  • The EMBO corner
  • From the Szilárd library
  • From the Staff Association

Pages 12:

  • People @ EMBL: New people at EMBL and new Group leaders
  • Awards, Honors & Etcetera: Marco Milán was awarded the research prize awarded by the Peter and Traudl Engelhorn-Stiftung.
  • False Positives: winners of Medline competition.

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

EMBL &cetera (July 1999)
DE 2324 C-PUBS-E-1 · Item · 1999
Part of EMBL Institutional Publications

Page 1:

  • News about services, staff, science and society: an introduction as to why EMBL &cetera was created.
  • EMBL's PhD officially recognised by Baden-Württemburg: the PhD degree granted by EMBL is now accepted like other international PhDs.
  • 25th Anniversary EMBL Alumni Meeting: an advertisement for the alumni meeting taking place on October 21-23, 1999 in Heidelberg, DE.

Page 2:

  • EMBL Council descends on Rome: the EMBL Council meeting took place in the new Research Programme in Mouse Biology in Monterotondo; the Scientific Programme was approved and the Council voted to approve the financial recommendations; announcement of the Host Site Agreement signed with the Italian government; list of presentations from Walter Witke, Ulrich Kalinke, José de la Pompa, Klaus Rajewsky and Glauco Tocchini-Valentini.
  • Photographs: Italy’s President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro (at right) attended ceremonies inaugurating the new campus and the Adriano Buzzati-Traverso campus in Monterotondo, Italy.

Page 3

  • Monterotondo campus opens its doors: Opening of the new EMBL Research Programme in Mouse Biology on 8 March 1999 at the "Adriano Buzzati-Traverso" International Scientific Campus, in Monterotondo, Italy. List of goals, representatives and other campus hosts.
  • Photographs: Klaus Rajewsky and Fotis Kafatos at the inaugural reception, and Glauco Tocchini-Valentini.

Pages 4 and 5:

  • New faces at the Szilárd Library: Description of improvements for the Szilárd Library. New librarians: David Westley and Regina Herhoff.
  • Quote from Mary Holmes referring to the beginning of Szilárd Library.
  • Biography of Leó Szilárd.
  • Photographs: Librarians Regina Herhoff and David Westley.

Page 6;

  • EMBL kids get a new stomping ground.
  • Photographs: various views of the new Kinderkrippe and Kindergarten building.

Page 7:

  • Science & Society: Announcement of the next Seminar. Speaker: Professor Jürgen Mittelstrass. Title: The Impact of the New Biology on Ethics. Date 19 September 1999.
  • ILO decides on salary adjustment for 1995: Claim to EMBL Council to remake the salary adjustment.
  • Obituaries: Alexandra Freiburg (1971-09-10/1999-07-14) and Paolo Fasella (1930-12-16/1999-06-11).

Page 8:

  • People @ EMBL – New people at EMBL (Jan Ellenberg, Elena Conti, Bettina Böttcher and José Luis de la Pompa)
  • In Other News: News about Peer Bork and Iain Mattaj
  • Medlines of the Month: contest

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]