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Database release discs

This series contains 7 CD-ROMs of database releases:

  • Uniprot 3.0: Uniprot / TrEMBL 28
  • Uniprot 3.0: Uniprot / Swiss-Prot 45
  • Uniprot KB 9.0: Swiss-Prot 51 / TrEMBL 34
  • SWISSPROT 42 / TrEMBL 25
  • Uniprot 4.0: Uniprot / TrEMBL 29
  • Swiss-Prot 38 / TrEMBL 11
    These CD-ROMS are archived as examples of how the databases were released, but the data contained on them is not preserved by the EMBL Archive. For information about this data, please consult Uniprot:

EMBL &cetera (October 1999)

Page 1:

  • A new look and feel for EMBL’s official WWW pages (see Page 2)
  • It was a (very short) dark and stormy night... (see Page 8)
  • A talk with Harold Varmus (see Page 4)
  • Alumni meeting update: New advertisement for the alumni meeting taking place on October 21-23, 1999 in Heidelberg.
  • Photographs: Image of the solar eclipse and picture of Harold Varmus

Page 2:

  • A much-needed overhaul of EMBL’s website: Feedback from inside EMBL is requested to launch afterwards the official website for external users.
  • Image: Aspect of new EMBL website

Page 3:

  • FAQs fearfully anticipated questions: questions that may arise regarding the new developed EMBL website.
  • EBI Hinxton – the BioInformer: Publicity about this website that keeps up-to-date on what is happening in EBI outstation.
  • Image: BioInformer home page.

Pages 4 and 5:

  • A talk with Harold Varmus: Interview by Russ Hodge of Varmus which was was the Director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • Photographs of Harold Varmus

Page 6:

  • Hamburg Outstation. Future structural biology with a Free Electron Laser: Announcement of a new linear collider called TESLA with a projected centre-of-mass energy of 500 GeV. It would complement DESY’s particle storage ring facilities. X-FEL facility is also planned. Written by Matthias Wilmanns (EMBL Hamburg Outstation).
  • Kids @ EMBL: A second-grade class of the Gaiberg elementary school visits EMBL Heidelberg.
  • Photographs: Kids at EMBL and artwork by the kids (also on Page 7.)

Page 7:

  • The EMBO corner: EMBO offers short-term and long-term fellowships. The article is an explanation of the application and evaluation processes. Written by Frank Gannon, Executive Director of EMBO.

Page 8:

  • From the sister sciences... – When small things pass in front of the sun: Article about the 1760 transit of Venus.
  • cooey! anyone out there?: EMBL was contributing to a USA initiative to search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. Written by Freddy Frischknecht & Sarah Sherwood.
  • Photograph: Image of the solar eclipse

Page 9:

  • Science & society: EMBL has organized a panel discussion for Monday 4 October to talk about the expansion of the application of intellectual property rights (IPR) and their protection in patents.
  • Administrative announcement – unresolved legal dispute to oblige the registration of all EMBL personnel in the German Central Government
  • People @ EMBL – New people at EMBL and new Group leaders

Page 10

  • Announcements: Safety Office now on the intranet, late or weekend work and the new library newsletter called “Simply Szilárd”
  • Blunt ends & fill-ins: EBI has decided to launch a new database in which protein structures will be represented by various shapes and sizes of noodles.
  • Space links: links related to articles in Page 8.
  • False Positives: Winners of Medline competition.
  • ...but are you ready for Y10K?: Dates in the SWISS-PROT, PROSITE and SWISS-2DPAGE databases are stored as ASCII text strings using four digits and there should be no problem until December 31, 9999.

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

EMBL &cetera (March 2001)

Page 1:

  • Exodus. Groups of Kai Simons, Tony Hyman, Marino Zerial and Carlos Dotti left EMBL in the beginning of 2001. This issue includes several pictures of farewell party. (see Page 2-3)
  • Science and Society at the EBI (see Page 4)
  • An A above middle C (see Page 10)
  • First EMBL PhD (see Page 7)
  • A new voice for the life sciences (see Page 8)

Page 4:

  • Addressing the ethical consequences of genome research. Picture of Alan Robinson and Halldór Stefánsson. Written by Sarah Sherwood
  • Lab coats and business suits. New start-up biotech companies based out of EMBL: CellZome, Gene Bridges, Electa, Anadys.
  • Announcement of welcome-session.

Page 5:

  • Taking the senior scientists’ show on the road. First of a series of senior scientist meetings to be held at the other EMBL sites. Written by Russ Hodge
  • Bridging the gap between molecules and diseases. Report on minisymposia on Molecular Medicine. entitled “Structural and Bioinformatic Approaches to Disease”

Page 6:

  • Consortium pledges to complete Anopheles genome sequence
  • Completing the genome(s): a revolution with subtle effects. Written by Peer Bork and Richard Copley

Page 7:

  • EMBL awards its first degree. It was obtained by Joep Muijrers Written by Sarah Sherwood and Katrin Weigmann

Page 8-9:

  • Introducing the ELSF: a voice for the Life Sciences in Europe. Interview to Luc Van Dyck (by that time, ELSF Manager) by Russ Hodge. Includes pictures.

Page 10:

  • From the sister sciences. Perfect pitch: use it or lose it. Written by Lena Reunis

Page 11:

  • The EMBO corner
  • From the Szilárd library
  • From the Staff Association

Pages 12:

  • People @ EMBL: New people at EMBL and new Group leaders
  • Awards, Honors & Etcetera: Marco Milán was awarded the research prize awarded by the Peter and Traudl Engelhorn-Stiftung.
  • False Positives: winners of Medline competition.

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

EMBL &cetera (July 1999)

Page 1:

  • News about services, staff, science and society: an introduction as to why EMBL &cetera was created.
  • EMBL's PhD officially recognised by Baden-Württemburg: the PhD degree granted by EMBL is now accepted like other international PhDs.
  • 25th Anniversary EMBL Alumni Meeting: an advertisement for the alumni meeting taking place on October 21-23, 1999 in Heidelberg, DE.

Page 2:

  • EMBL Council descends on Rome: the EMBL Council meeting took place in the new Research Programme in Mouse Biology in Monterotondo; the Scientific Programme was approved and the Council voted to approve the financial recommendations; announcement of the Host Site Agreement signed with the Italian government; list of presentations from Walter Witke, Ulrich Kalinke, José de la Pompa, Klaus Rajewsky and Glauco Tocchini-Valentini.
  • Photographs: Italy’s President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro (at right) attended ceremonies inaugurating the new campus and the Adriano Buzzati-Traverso campus in Monterotondo, Italy.

Page 3

  • Monterotondo campus opens its doors: Opening of the new EMBL Research Programme in Mouse Biology on 8 March 1999 at the "Adriano Buzzati-Traverso" International Scientific Campus, in Monterotondo, Italy. List of goals, representatives and other campus hosts.
  • Photographs: Klaus Rajewsky and Fotis Kafatos at the inaugural reception, and Glauco Tocchini-Valentini.

Pages 4 and 5:

  • New faces at the Szilárd Library: Description of improvements for the Szilárd Library. New librarians: David Westley and Regina Herhoff.
  • Quote from Mary Holmes referring to the beginning of Szilárd Library.
  • Biography of Leó Szilárd.
  • Photographs: Librarians Regina Herhoff and David Westley.

Page 6;

  • EMBL kids get a new stomping ground.
  • Photographs: various views of the new Kinderkrippe and Kindergarten building.

Page 7:

  • Science & Society: Announcement of the next Seminar. Speaker: Professor Jürgen Mittelstrass. Title: The Impact of the New Biology on Ethics. Date 19 September 1999.
  • ILO decides on salary adjustment for 1995: Claim to EMBL Council to remake the salary adjustment.
  • Obituaries: Alexandra Freiburg (1971-09-10/1999-07-14) and Paolo Fasella (1930-12-16/1999-06-11).

Page 8:

  • People @ EMBL – New people at EMBL (Jan Ellenberg, Elena Conti, Bettina Böttcher and José Luis de la Pompa)
  • In Other News: News about Peer Bork and Iain Mattaj
  • Medlines of the Month: contest

[Index kindly prepared by EMBL alumna Patricia Resa-Infante.]

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