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Archival description
DE 2324 P-DUB-A-2 · Item · 2018
Part of Jacques Dubochet material

Letter from Jacques Dubochet to Iain Mattaj, Director General of EMBL:
"I am pleased to offer this copy of my Nobel medal to EMBL in testimony of my great thankffulness to an institution that, in my view, would deserve to tbe laureate of the Prize."
The letter is wrongly dated 2017-01-10: it is in fact from 2018-01-10.

Replica medal
DE 2324 P-DUB-A-1 · Item · 2017
Part of Jacques Dubochet material

This is an official replica, provided by the Nobel Foundation, at the time of of Dubochet's award. It is made of gold-plated bronze, and is marked engraved "J.DUBOCHET MMXVII". It is stored in a small blue box.