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EMBL Administration
DE-EMBL IB-ADM01 · Institutional body · 1973/

The activities of EMBL Administration started in 1973 when the Agreement establishing the European Molecular Biology Laboratory was signed by the Member States. This agreement was ratified on 1974-07-04.

EMBL Pen Pals
DE-EMBL IB-EPP01 · Institutional body · 2020-

The EMBL Pen Pals programme was created in 2020 by Mariana R.P. Alves and Rafael Galupa, following Alves' visit to Abuja, NG and Ibadan, NG.

DE-EMBL IB-COM01 · Institutional body · 2016-04/

Prior to 2016, EMBL's communication activities were managed by the Office of Information and Public Affairs (OIPA) and the strategic ones were headed by EMBL Strategy and Analysis.
The first person appointed at EMBL to deal with public relations was hired in 1993 (David States). These activities were later headed by Russ Hodge, Lena Raditsch, Oliver Burlon and Darren Noyes.

EMBL Workshops
DE-EMBL IB-WOR01 · Institutional body · 1975/